Commodity Prices

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CommodityMonthly Avg1 Month Change12 Month ChangeYear to Date Change
Commodity Agricultural Raw Materials Index87.250.22%3.50%0.89%
Commodity Beverage Price Index110.214.95%30.96%0.48%
Commodity Price Index226.49-6.05%56.32%18.59%
Commodity Fuel (energy) Index153.25-6.09%93.08%26.33%
Commodity Food and Beverage Price Index157.361.52%24.56%13.15%
Commodity Food Price Index158.870.97%33.46%18.72%
Commodity Industrial Inputs Price Index200.61-0.34%10.69%9.75%
Commodity Metals Price Index138.09-2.26%19.75%10.27%
Commodity Non-Fuel Price Index139.890.63%28.81%13.10%
Crude Oil (petroleum), Price index246.18-6.70%72.31%26.54%
Coal, Australian thermal coal    
Coal, South African export price302.002.57%238.83%79.23%
Crude Oil (petroleum)103.41-8.00%64.27%23.22%
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dated Brent105.78-8.49%63.32%23.68%
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dubai Fateh102.68-9.22%64.63%23.55%
Crude Oil (petroleum); West Texas Intermediate101.78-6.18%64.93%22.45%
Heating Oil3.958.72%131.92%59.29%
Indonesian Liquified Natural Gas17.1813.70%107.49%16.95%
Jet Fuel3.9111.99%134.51%60.02%
Natural Gas6.5333.81%150.19%50.81%
RBOB Gasoline3.41-9.94%62.36%33.75%
Russian Natural Gas32.20-24.04%350.35%13.94%
Cocoa beans2.460.00%3.80%-0.40%
Coffee, Other Mild Arabicas5.852.63%57.26%-2.17%
Coffee, Robusta2.290.00%39.63%-5.76%
Canadian Wheat    
Maize (corn)348.173.77%29.80%25.87%
Soft Red Winter Wheat672.4626.14%138.99%102.51%
Poultry (chicken)3.679.88%62.39%27.43%
Swine (pork)    
Fish (salmon)    
Sugar, European import price0.35-2.78%-10.26%-5.41%
Sugar, U.S. import price0.811.25%17.39%3.85%
Coconut Oil2,094.61-6.08%26.21%3.89%
Olive Oil, extra virgin    
Palm Kernel Oil2,064.31-15.45%38.81%-5.99%
Palm oil1,682.74-5.30%56.09%25.13%
Peanut Oil2,145.25-0.37%6.17%-13.84%
Groundnuts (peanuts)1,443.75-3.19%1.19%-2.42%
Rapeseed Oil2,266.174.80%77.62%21.49%
Soybean Meal579.45-3.65%24.83%10.06%
Soybean Oil1,947.51-0.48%39.03%32.52%
Sunflower oil2,275.76-3.62%36.45%61.20%
Coarse Wool    
Fine Wool    
Hard Logs235.71-6.07%-13.63%-9.01%
Hard Sawnwood    
Soft Logs    
Soft Sawnwood    
Wood Pulp    
Cold-rolled steel    
Copper, grade A cathode10,161.38-0.68%8.97%3.87%
Hot-rolled steel    
Iron Ore151.25-0.54%-15.89%14.13%
Steel wire rod    
DAP fertilizer954.001.69%75.56%36.41%
Potassium Chloride562.500.00%177.78%154.52%
Rock Phosphate249.5039.58%162.63%44.11%
Triple Superphosphate856.008.01%79.08%26.58%

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